Surround Air XJ-2000 Room Air Ionizer

Surround Air XJ-2000 Room Air Ionizer Bring real fresh air into your home, office and workplace. Use the Surround Air Ionic Breeze Air Ionizer, Air Purification Systems, with elegant flat-base design and next-generation technology, to clean and sanitize air without a filter! Key features include advanced ionic breeze technology, micro-computer control, automatic operating cycle, noiseless design, no filter replacement necessary, easy to clean, plus much more.

XJ-2000 Air Ionizer Features

  • Uses advanced anion breeze technology
  • Micro-computer control, automatic operating cycle
  • Noiseless design, no motor
  • High and Low settings
  • 3 Static dust collection plates
  • No filters to be replaced, easy to clean
  • Eliminates nicotine smell, bacteria and mold
  • Save energy-only uses 6 watts
  • Keep air clean and fresh
  • Stock color is Grey Velvet

Colors Available for Ionizers

Each housing is made from environmentally-safe ABS plastic.

Grey Velvet XJ-2000 Room Air Ionizer
Grey Velvet

Wood Grain XJ-2000 Room Air Ionizer
Wood Grain

Air Ionizer Specifications

  • Power Source: 12 - 16 V DC
    110V AC to 12V DC Adapter and Fused car adapter included
  • Power Consumption: 6W
  • Max Anion Output: 1x106 / cm3
  • Active Oxygen Output: < 0.06 ppm.
  • Dimension: 300 x 180 x 95 mm
  • Weight: 1.28 kilos (2.8 lbs)
  • Applicable Area: Room dimensions of up to 25 m2 (269 sq ft x 8 feet high)

XJ-2000GV Grey Velvet Room Air Ionizer (XJ-2000GV) $99.00 CA

XJ-2000WG Wood Grain Room Air Ionizer (XJ-2000WG) $99.00 CA