Surround Air XJ-600 Car Ionizer

Surround Air XJ-600 Car Ionizer XJ-600 (Silent Ionic Breeze Air Purifier For Vehicles)

The The XJ-600 vehicle air purifier is an outstanding value. The best high tech, compact, six pin car ionizer available in the market today.Like the XJ-2000, it is made with 100% microcomputer technology that that controls optimal ion production.

Silent Ionic Breeze Air Purifier For Vehicles

Air Purifier with negative ion generator for vehicle can thoroughly clean and freshen the air inside your car.

Key features:

  • Plugs directly into your cigarette lighter socket with fused DC Power Cord
  • Neutralize unpleasant odor and freshen air
  • Supply anion, let driving more comfortable and alert
  • Sterilizing, mold-proofing and no chemicals
  • No motor and noiseless design
  • Includes Adhesive Strips for Quick and Easy Placement Anywhere
  • Mini style design, cute and portable


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How does an Ionic Air Purifier work?

XJ-600 Silent Ionic Breeze Air Purifier For Vehicles

It DOES NOT utilize a FAN. So there is no built in fan. It purifies air using Ionic technology which means that it generates large quantities of Negative Ions (up to 1 Million per Cubic Centimeter) and small quantities of Ozone (very minimal amount as a bye product only, 0.04 - 0.05 Parts Per Million, which is within the WHO, FDA and OSHA standard) using its Solid State Electronic Circuitry and utilizing Stainless Steel needle points. Built in electro statically charged dust collection plates helps in trapping airborne particles like allergens and dust.

By nature, nearly all the harmful contents in the air are positively charged so what these negative ions do is that they attached themselves to these positively charged particles, neutralize them by making them heavier and bulkier such that they become unable to remain in the air and cause any harm.

Negative ions cannot travel beyond the room where they originate, regardless of how powerful the ionizer is. This is due to the fact that they remain alive for only up to 30 seconds once created and utilizes the air stream inside the room to move around. Applicable area for an air purifier differs based on the size of the unit.

The way Ozone works is that it oxidizes airborne pollutants, then reverts back to oxygen, transforming polluted air to pure and represented air. Research proves that Ozone controls surface mold on packages and walls, and reduces scale development and decay. The presence of ozone . . . . significantly reduces the occurrence of mold. Research also shows that Ozone is one of the purest and most powerful oxidants and germicides known.

Special Features of XJ-600

Use advanced high voltage electron discharge technology. The XJ-600 needlepoints produce optimal negative ion levels. Your car can be among the most polluted atmospheres. You and other passengers can spend hours breathing the irritating and polluted air filled with smog, exhaust, pollen, dust, bacteria and other contaminants. With our XJ-600 you can breath air as clean and fresh as waterfall air even in your car.

Clean particles as small as 0.01 micron. Negative ions force particles as small as 0.01 micron from the air. They can also neutralize airborne viruses and microorganism as well.

Electro-statically charged rings to absorb airborne contaminant. The XJ-600s uniquely designed electrostatic charged rings efficiently absorb airborne dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander and cigarette smoke near around.

How to use XJ-600

XJ-600 Silent Ionic Breeze Air Purifier For Vehicles

  • Use adhesive strip provided to secure the device firmly on the dashboard and make sure the air outlet is facing the inside of vehicle.

  • Insert the DC plug into cigarettes lighter socket and turn switch on the side of the device to "ON" position. Green light indicates the device start operating. Turn switch to "OFF" position to stop operation, and the indicator light subsequently off.

  • When the effectiveness of the device is obviously reduced or after 2 months of use , please clean the device as follows:
    • Unplug from the socket and remove carefully the upper cover. Be careful not to break the four positioning lock inside the cover.
    • Use cotton swap soaked with alcohol to wipe clean the electrode needles and the dust collection plate with holes. Be careful not to damage the internal electronic parts.
    • Wipe dries any leftover moisture and close the cover. The device can be start again when it is thoroughly dry.


  • This device may be use on DC 12V vehicles only. Do not be on DC24V vehicles.
  • Unplug from the socket when engine of the vehicle is running at low speed for a long period. This will prevent the damage of the device from sudden voltage surge of the battery during low load condition.
  • The effectiveness of this device will be reduced when the vehicle windows are open.
  • Keep this device from rain. Do not allow moisture and other liquid to enter this device.
  • Use detergent only to clean the exterior of the device. Do not use alcohol, benzene and other strong g solvent to prevent damage to the cover.
  • Static electricity sounds produced during operation due to high humidity levels is not a malfunction.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated voltage: DC 12V
  • Power consumption: 2W
  • Ion output: MAX 100,000/cm3
  • Active oxygen output: < = 0.05ppm
  • Dimension: 140*110*38(mm) or 5.6*4.5*1.5 (inches)
  • Weight: 180g or 0.4lbs
  • Applicable area: small or large vehicle

Includes 1 Free scent package!

  • Colors available: Black Velvet
  • Included Accessories: 12VDC adapter (for cigarette lighter in vehicle)

Surround Air XJ-600 Car Ionizer () $29.99 CA