Surround Air XJ-800 Car Ionizer

(with 6 ionizing pins)

Surround Air XJ-800 Car Ionizer The XJ-800 purifier is a great value. This high tech, small, lightweight, stylish, six pin car ionizer is the best car ionizer on the market today. Like the XJ-2000, the XJ-600 is made with100% microcomputer technology that that controls optimal ion production.

XJ-800 Car Ionizer Specifications

  • Small Car Ionizer model ("Beetle")
  • Rated voltage: DC12V ( Fused car adapter included )
  • Power consumption: 3W
  • Ion output: < = 1x105 / cm3.
  • Active Oxygen output < = 0.04 ppm
  • Size: 140x90x50 mm
  • Weight: 180g.

XJ-800 Car Ionizer Performance & Features

  • Use advanced ionic breeze technology
  • Noiseless design without motor
  • High and Low settings
    • Low power consumption and energy saving (use 3W only)
    • Neutralize unpleasant odor, freshen air
      This elegant ionic vehicle air purifier can be installed easily on the dashboard. Simply connect to cigarette lighter socket in your car .
  • Includes adhesive strips for easy mounting anywhere.
  • Includes fragrance box, with refills available.

Includes 1 Free scent package!

Colors available: Black Velvet.

Surround Air XJ-800 Car Ionizer (XJ-800) $39.95 CA