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Study after study shows that the POOR AIR QUALITY in our homes and workplaces is directly affecting our health. - AIR POLLUTION is causing many diseases, because of the free radicals and lack of Oxygen. We spend a great deal of time indoors (up to 90% in Winter), therefore pollutants such as DUST (contains mites & poop), and carpets affect our bodies. There are 2 - 3 million parts per cubic floor of fine dust in every Home/Office, our equipment brings that down to less than 200. THE BEST HEALTH INVESTMENT EVER, buying an AMairCare HEPA FILTER TODAY makes the most sense.
The AIR WE BREATHE, often taken for granted, we do not realize the IMPORTANCE OF HEALTHY AIR. AFTER ALL, WE SHOULD PROTECT OUR HEALTH, because once we lose it we cannot get it back.
Back in 1989 we introduced the greatest HEALTH GIVING Equipment, to reduce air pollution in the home. The Canadian made HEPA Air Filtration for the whole home called AMairCare HEPA FILTERS. These Systems are available in either Free Standing Portable or Central Furnace duct attaching units for various sized homes. Approved by Revenue Canada as a medical expense deductible from Income Taxes, for person with chronic breathing situations. FILTERS LAST 2 - 3 YEARS.

1) FREE STANDING PORTABLES: All Metal units are 24 inches high by 14 inches in diameter, and on carpet castors. Cleaning the while home continuously. Two different units for different sized homes: model 2500 for 600 sq. ft. or Model 300 for 1,200 sq.ft. (see spec sheet)

2) Central Systems: Models available to fit various home sizes, the units are designed to be attached to the heating ducts, bypassing the furnace. The furnace does not have to be running, these units are totally independent with 3 filters, 3 fans and 3 energy efficient motors to circulate the air in the whole home on a continuous basis. The pollution is re-occurring , that is why these units need to run on a continuous basis, continually scrubbing the air of pollution. Independent engineering studies show that Electronic Air Cleaners are not nearly as effective (only 20%) as the HEPA FILTERS (99.97%). The electronic air cleaners produce a dirty ozone (unhealthy to breathe) in the home being cleaned.

We have over 30 years experience and success in supplying and servicing the HEPA Filter Systems to homeowners and businesses. Everyone who wants good health needs this equipment, in order to protect and maintain good health. AMairCare HEPA Filters GIVES MANY PROVEN HEALTH BENEFITS.

Be very cautious about cheaper models with fancy names, they will not give you the optimum health giving benefits you are looking for.

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Amaircare HEPA Air Purifiers and Air Cleaning Equipment


HEPA Purifiers, Filters and Air Cleaning Equipment Amaircare 2500 Large Room Air Purifier Hepalta provides Asthma and Allergy Sufferers and those wanting clean air, with the Amaircare HEPA Purifier designed to make the air cleaner and easier to breathe at home or in the office. Amaircare's only business is Quality Clean Purifiers, so when it comes to purification, filtration and air cleaning, we know best. We have responded to today's environmental market demands with a full line of Purifiers, Commercial Purifying and Automotive portable purifiers. New purifying equipment like the Roomaid Purifier are great for childrens' bedrooms and nurseries. We have compiled some commonly asked questions about air purifiers.

NEW Air Purifiers

Amaircare - Amaircare 4000 HEPA Air Purifier System

AMairCare Portable 3000 HEPA Air Filtration System for 601 to 1200 sq. ft. $799.94 CA

Airwash Whisper 675 HEPA Air Filtration System (AWW675) $1499.94 CA

Airwash Whisper 675 HEPA Air Filtration System with VOC (AWW675) $1649.94 CA

Popular Room Air Purifiers

Amaircare 3000 HEPA Air Purifier System

AMairCare Portable 2500 HEPA Air Filter for up to 600 sq.ft. $499.94 CA

AMairCare Portable 2500 HEPA Air Filter with VOC for up to 600 sq. ft $559.94 CA

AMairCare Portable 3000 HEPA Air Filter for up to 600 sq.ft. $799.94 CA

AMairCare Portable 3000 HEPA Air Filter with VOC for up to 600 sq. ft $899.94 CA

Roomaid HEPA Air Filtration System for Office, Bedroom, Hotel, and Auto $199.94 CA

Roomaid HEPA Air Filtration System for Office, Bedroom, Hotel, and Auto, with VOC $239.94 CA

Ozone Generating Equipment $799.00 CA

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Surround Air Ionizer - Ionic Purifiers

Surround Air Ionizer - Ionic Purifiers Surround Air XJ-2100UV ionic purifier Bring real freshness into your home, office and workplace. Try the Surround Air Ionizers, Ionic Breeze Purification System, it has elegant flat-base design and next-generation technology, to clean and sanitize house air without a filter! Key features include advanced ionic breeze technology, micro-computer control, automatic operating cycle, noiseless design, no filter replacement necessary and easy to clean. Surround Air XJ-2100UV ionizer (shown at right), can just about remove any kind of airborne pollutant, particles, allergens (pet dander, pollen, ragweed, dust), micro organisms (bacteria, mold, viruses), odors and chemicals. Surround Air XJ-2100UV ionic home purifier makes an excellent home purifier.

Surround Air XJ-3000D HEPA Ionic Air Purifier

Popular Ionizers

Surround Air Multi-Tech II Ionic & Hepa Air Purifier, Increased Air-Cleaning Efficiency (XJ-3000D) $299.99 CA

Surround Air Ionizer, Black with Silver (XJ-2100UV) $115.00 CA

XJ-2000GV Grey Velvet Room Air Ionizer (XJ-2000GV) $99.00 CA

XJ-2000WG Wood Grain Room Air Ionizer (XJ-2000WG) $99.00 CA

Purelight Ultraviolet (UV) Light Wand    SPECIAL PRICE!!

Purelight Ultraviolet UV Light Wand PureLight Sterilization Wand The PureLight UV Light Wand sanitizes surfaces and objects using UV-C sterilization that is 100% chemical free. DNA type organisms are killed extremely fast with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation. The UV Light Wand is setting industry standard breakthroughs for convenient ultraviolet sterilization that is portable. 99.9% RATE OF KILL GUARANTEE of harmful bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites and allergy viruses. The UV Light Wand can be used to Sanitize and Sterilize Objects like countertops, mattresses, keyboards, pillows, toilets and much more. There are thousands of unlimited sanitizing uses for the UV Light Wand in households, healthcare, hospitals and home applications.

Purelight Ultraviolet (UV) Light Wand (XD-2D04) $259.99 CA
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AMairCare HEPA Filters Give Many Unbelievable Proven HEALTH BENEFITS!