Amaircare Air Purifiers

Current research data on the effects of inhaled airborne particles from our environment provides more and more evidence of health problems directly related to dirty air.

Maximum air cleaning efficiency relies on two basic principles:

  • The capability of the filter media
  • The rate of exchange

In the three stage process, the HEPA filter is further assisted by a pre-filter and a VOC canister of activated carbon and other custom blended materials which remove odors and toxic fumes form the air flow.

Air Purifying Equipment’s

Amaircare Systems use HEPA Filters and Activated Carbon for effective removal of particulates and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Air Ionizer

James B. Beal, formerly of the National Areonautic and Space Administration, who came across the ion problem while studying the kind of environment needed in space capsules, has written: “The human race was developed in ionized air. Nature used the ions in developing our biological processes.”

There are also circumstances in nature that create overdoses of the negative ions that are good for you. In certain hill and mountain areas, for instance, a combination of the sun’s rays, cleaner air, and rock strata that are more radioactive than most of the earth’s surface can produce high concentrations of both kinds of ions, with the balance swinging heavily in favor of negative ions.

Today an estimated 60% of the population in North America spends about 80% of it’s time in cities and urban areas where the total ion count and balance is hopelessly and perhaps permanently depleted and destroyed.

Why is it Important

Every day we consume 2 lbs of food, 4 lbs of liquid, and about 35 lbs of air. We breathe about 23,000 times going through 10,000 liters of air. We get over 50% of our energy from the air we breathe.

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Ozone Generators

These units generates O3 (Ozones) which sanitizes by breaking down Odors, Micro-organism and other Pollutants. After finishing job unused O3 converts back to O2 to make environment fresh.

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