Air Purifiers FAQ

Question: Will your HEPA Air Purifiers clean the whole home?
Answer: Yes, the various air purifier models are designed to be able to clean the air and keep it clean in a specified square footage of home, provided it is placed in an open area (not in a room) and run on high as much as possible, high does the whole home and low only does the hallway where it sits.

Question: Why do these air purifiers clean the entire home and other purifiers only clean one room?
Answer: The reason for the larger air purification range is that they have a 16" HEPA Filter containing 100 sq. ft. of HEPA media which allows the motor to have a higher cfm (cubic feet per minute) (175 - 300 cfm). The HEPA Filter is a very tight filter because it traps the fine dust and it is hard to draw air through very readily unless there is a large enough amount of it. The HEPA Filter has a pre-filter wrapped around it to stop the large dust particles on the outside surface, this saves the HEPA filter for a two year life.

Question: What pollution is removed by the HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter combination?
Answer: The HEPA filter is designed to trap the fine dust down to .3 microns in size, which includes bacteria, viruses, molds, mildew, dust mites, carpet pollution, animal dander, etc. The Activated Carbon pre-filter stops most of the large particles of dust from going into the HEPA and can be vacuumed off every 4 - 5 months. The activated carbon pre-filter absorbs odors, formaldahide, chemicals etc. The third stage Inner Carbon filter takes out whatever is missed by the Pre-filter and HEPA filter. If cigar/cigarette smoke is a pollution that needs to be dealt with, the third stage needs to be up graded to the VOC Air Filter Canister, which is a metal container full of Activated Carbon Granules which fits inside the HEPA Filter, replacing the third stage. This makes the unit tailor made for smoke and volatile organic compounds.

Question: What are the sizes of the Portable Air Purifiers and what are they made of?
Answer: The Portable Air Purifiers are designed for up to 1,200 sq. ft. and 2,000 sq. ft are both 2 ft high X 14" in diameter containing a 16" high cylinder filter set of 3 filters in total and comes with carpet castors. The motor is larger in the later model, therefore cleans a larger area. The bachelor apartment air cleaner for up to 600 sq. ft. is 1 ft high X 14" in diameter and contains an 8" cylinder filter set of 3 filters in total, this a table top unit which has feet instead of castors. All air purifiers are made of 24 guage cold rolled steel, finished powder coated baked enamel.

Question: Is the HEPA air filter easily removed for servicing or replacing?
Answer: Yes, the top loading filter design makes changing air filters fast and easy. There are five screws to remove and the lid comes off and the HEPA filter can be lifted out.

Question: Are air purifying filters readily available and will they continue to be available in the future?
Answer: Yes, the HEPA air purification filters are readily available by just calling our Toll Free number (1-866-268-7485) and ordering them. We have been handling the Amaircare air cleaner equipment for over twentyfive years now and even the very first unit can still be filtered, because the company designed the new air purifying model using the very same air filters. If we are not available to supply you, call Amaircare and they can tell you where to get the air filters. Amaircare's contact information can be found in the manual that comes with the Amaircare air cleaner equipment.

Question: What is the warranty on purifiers?
Answer: The manufacturer warranties air purifiers for 5 years.

Question: If I am skeptical about whether it will help me, what assurances or return policy is there?
Answer: If you purchase an Amaircare air purifier, and after a month of trying it in various locations and running it on full speed you are not satisfied that it is doing what you were told, you may return the air purifier for a credit less the cost of a monthly rental charge of $150.00 for the 1,200 sq. ft. and 2,000 sq. ft. units, and $85.00 for the Amaircare 2500, 600 sq. ft. unit plus any shipping costs. (Smoking environments add $30.00, the cost of a new pre-filter)

Question: Is the motor a reliable energy efficient motor?
Answer:Yes the motor is a German made ball bearing sealed motor which has been run tested for 50,000 hours of continuous operation. The power consumption for the largest is only 120 watts (1.2 amps) or 84 watts (.84 amps) on the other two models. Never needs lubrication, or maintenance of any kind.

Question: What kind of controls do the Amaircare air purifiers have?
Answer: On/Off Variable speed control on all Amaircare purifier units.

Question: Do you have any reference letters?
Answer: Yes we have many reference letters which are readily available by fax or mail.

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