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About Amaircare Air Purifying Equipment

  • HEPA Central Air Filtration & Air Cleaner Systems Amaircare 3000 HEPA Air Cleaner
  • Clean the air throughout your entire home
  • 99.97% particulate removal
  • Removal of gases and odors
  • Quality design and construction
  • Reduce chances of air quality related illnesses and diseases
  • Durable metal cabinets
  • Easy-to-change filters
  • Custom installed by a professional
  • 5 year warranty

Amaircare Systems use HEPA Filters and Activated Carbon for effective removal of particulates and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

What is a Hepa Filter?
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) is a filtration standard created by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. To be called HEPA, a filter must remove particulates ranging from 0.3 microns in size with 99.97% efficiency. A micron is one millionth of a meter. Particles smaller than 2.5 microns are called "respirable" because they can penetrate deep into the lungs when inhaled. The graph shows size ranges of common particles.

Amaircare HEPA filters are made of fine borosilicate fibers that are pressed together to form a net-like structure with openings large enough for air to pass through but too small for most particulates. The filters are made in sheets which are pleated to achieve maximum surface area.

Activated Carbon for VOC Removal
VOCs are gases and therefore have virtually no mass. For removal of VOCs and odors, Amaircare uses activated carbon filters. Activated carbon is like a sponge for gases. The more carbon a filter has, the more gases it can "soak up". Amaircare VOC filters use the highest amount of activated carbon possible for efficiency and long life.

Amaircare vs. Electronic Air Cleaners

"Study done by Independant Engineers for RESPIRATORY CARE, Vol. 18 No. 2 March/April 1973 by the American Association for Respiratory Therapy, J.B. Lippincott Company." Copies of the study available upon request.

Amaircare Filtration
A three-stage process employing dedicated filters are designed to capture different types of pollutants.
  • 99.97% efficiency
  • Efficiency can improve with use
  • HEPA filters last up to 5 years
  • No ozone (O3) created

Electronic Air Cleaners
High voltage is used to electronically charge particles which are attracted to a series of charged metal plates.
  • Average efficiency is only 50%
  • Efficiency declines rapidly with use
  • Need frequent cleaning
  • Can emit ozone (O3) as a by-product

At average efficiency, for every cubic foot of filtered air containing 1,000,000 particles ranging from 0.3 microns in size the electronic air cleaner would fail to capture 500,000 particles. The HEPA filter would miss a maximum of 300.

HEPA Air Purifying Equipment has the POWER to remove household DUST, along with other pollution such as smoke, odors, mold, mildew, pollens, animal dander,and keeps them out of the air you breathe. A drug free Solution for most Breathing Problems such as Allergies, Asthma or Emphasima.

Amaircare's business and only business is "quality air". When it comes to air filtration, we know best. We have responded to today's market demands with a full line of air filtration systems for residential, commercial and automotive applications. We also continuously monitor what the market will demand tomorrow so when tomorrow comes, we will be ready with new products like the Roomaid HEPA room air cleaner for childrens' bedrooms and nurseries.

Indoor air quality is heating up. With increasing public awareness of the health risks from air pollution, the indoor air quality market is experiencing rapid expansion, similar to what occurred in the water filtration market. As a vertically integrated company supporting design, manufacturing and marketing, Amaircare is poised to take the indoor air quality market and change it.

Amaircare Systems use HEPA Filters and Activated Carbon for effective removal of particulates and V.O.C's.


Study after study indicate that the POOR AIR QUALITY in our homes, is directly affecting our health- AIR POLLUTION in our homes is causing many diseases, including cancer, because of the free radicals. We spend a great deal of our time indoors(up to 90% in the winter), therefore pollutants such as dust, carpet mites, smoke, bacteria, viruses, animal dander, formaldahyde, etc. affect our bodies. INVESTING IN YOUR HEALTH TODAY makes a lot of sense, by acquiring an AMAIRCARE HEPA FILTER SYSTEM. The air we breathe is often taken for granted, we do not often realize the importance of healthy air. After all we should protect our health, because once we lose it we cannot get it back.Back in 1989 we introduced the greatest weapon for combating Air Pollution and Breathing problems such as Allergies, Asthma, and Emphasima with no side effects of drugs. The Canadian Made HEPA FILTRATION SYSTEMS called AMAIRCARE HEPA FILTERS for homes/ offices, available as FREE STANDING PORTABLES or CENTRAL SYSTEM Duct Attaching for all sized homes. May be approved as a medical expense for tax purposes.

  1. Free Standing Portables: These all metal units are 2 ft in height and 14 inches in diameter, on castors, cleaning the air in the entire living space. Meant to operate on a continuous basis because the pollution is re-occuring (doing just one room is of little or no benefit). Three different sized units available, Amaircare 2500 for 600 sq. ft.(bachelor apt.), Amaircare 3000 for 1200 sq. ft. and Amaircare 4000 for up to 2,000 sq. ft., as well as a Car Unit and Room unit for bedroom(to be used in conjunction with an overall system).
  2. Central System Units: 5 Models for all sized homes, the units are designed to attach to the heating/air conditioning duct system, by-passing the furnace/air conditioner. The furnace/air condition do not have to operate, these units are totally independent with 3 HEPA Filters, 3 Fans, and 3 energy efficient motors(each filter has a motor)to circulate and clean the air in the entire home on a continual basis, scrubbing the pollution out of the air. Independent engineering studies show that the Electronic Air Cleaners are only 20% effective 48 hrs after installing, whereas the HEPA Filter is 99.997% and does not produce Ozone in your home.We have 10 years experience and success in selling and servicing the AMAIRCARE HEPA Filter Systems to businesses and home owners. No one should be without this equipment, because it is so vital to good health as well as the improved quality of life for years to come. AMAIRCARE HEPA FILTERS come with a FIVE (5) YEARS WARRANTY and have proven at least 95% effective since 1989.
  3. Be very cautious, accepting a cheaper sustitute, as they will not provide the optimum filtration results of our HEPA filter systems.

    Your truly in good health
    Herb. A. Enns

How the HEPA Air Filter works

We guarantee satisfaction by accepting equipment returns and the customer only pays a monthly rental charge & shipping if applicable.