Amaircare Air Purifiers

CS1 - Industrial Air Quality Application

Negative impact for employee health and work equipment was being caused by high pollution area.

CS1 - Industrial Application          CS1 - Industrial Application

Here's an example of just one of the ways Amaircare has drastically increased the air quality in an enclosed structure inside a manufacturing facility.

Problems: High pollution area effecting work equipment and having a negative impact on employee health. Contamination sources include ambient factory pollution (construction dust, welding and grinding particulates, outdoor pollution) as well as from heated plastics generated inside the target room. Equipment repair costs and employee health concerns needed to be addressed.

Objectives: Reduce particulates inside target room by at least 90%.

Budget: $4,500.00

Setup: 3 Amaircare 2500HV HEPA filtration systems, installed to draw air from target room, filter and return to target room.

Results: Particulate reduction from 2.4 million ambient to 105,400 particles per cubic foot. An incredible 95.7% reduction!

Cost: $4,368.23

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