Amaircare Air Purifiers

CS3 - Industrial Air Quality Application

Concord Ontario health care products manufacturer built a clean room within their manufacturing facility.

CS3 - Industrial Application          CS3 - Industrial Application

The Location: Concord, Ontario

Air Problem: A manufacturer of health care products in Concord Ontario built a clean room within their manufacturing facility. They required that the room be extremely clean and that it maintain continuous positive pressure. Their mechanical contractor researched various air filtration products and concluded that the Amaircare 7500 (1000cfm) was the most efficient and cost effective air filtration product on the market.

The Installation: The Amaircare 7500 was installed on the roof of the clean roof and dirty air was drawn from the plant, through the HEPA filter, and clean HEPA filtered air was delivered into the clean room.

Results: The air was measured inside the clean room prior to the Amaircare HEPA filter being turned on. The particle count was 2.3 million particles per ft3. The filter was then turned on and allowed to run for only 10 minutes and the particle count was reduced to only 98,000 particles per ft3

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