Amaircare Air Purifiers

Amaircare Airwash Whisper 350 Air Purifier System

Amaircare Airwash Whisper 350 Air Purifier System
  • Class: Central HEPA Purifier System
  • Delivered Airflow: 350 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Dimensions: 14.5" square, 27.25" high
  • Duct Connections: 8" round intake, 6" round outtake
  • Power Consumption: 125 Watts
  • Filter Life: Pre-Filter: Washable (12 months), HEPA Filter: 2-5 years, Carbon Filter: 6 months
  • Optional V.O.C. Canister: 12 months

Common Installations

  • Basement Installation
  • Attic Installation
  • Closet/Attic Installation

Amaircare HEPA filters are commonly installed using a by-pass method. Amaircare HEPA's can also be installed as a 'stand alone system'. If you do not see your application here, please call us toll free at 1-866-268-7485

Three-Stage Filtration

Stage 1: Washable Foam pre-filter. Removes large particulates.

Stage 2: HEPA filter. 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns. Removes dust, pollen, bacteria, animal dander, attached viruses, cigarette smoke, radon daughters and more.

Stage 3: V.O.C. filter. Removes hazardous chemicals that may offgas from cleaners, paints, solvents, carpets, furniture and other items containing synthetic materials.

Easy-to-Change Filters
Easily removable for quick filter changes. Ask about filter options.

Metal Cabinets
Provide greater protection of filters and internal components and do not emit toxins.

Highly-Efficient Motor/Fan
Low electrical consumption when continuously run over a long period of time.

  • May qualify for tax deductions
  • Health Canada medical device registration # 162.563
  • 5 year limited warranty

How the Airwash Whisper 350 / 675 Air Purifier System works How the Airwash Whisper 350 / 675 Air Purifier System works
Amaircare central systems operate on a by-pass system. A portion of the home s return air is routed through the air filtration system before it reaches the furnace or air handling system. This rerouted air is cleaned and fed back into the home s air supply via the furnace. By continuously cleaning the air significant reduction in pollution results.

Specifications (All Models)

  • Central HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) 100% Sealed Air Cleaning Device
  • C.S.A. approved
MATERIALS: 24 gauge cold rolled steel
FINISH:Powder coated baked enamel
COLOR: Sandtext Granite

INTAKE (Section)
Steel enclosure surrounding a three-stage filter assembly.

OUTFLOW (Section)
Encloses motor/fan.

  • Thermally protected Class B insulated motor
  • Designed for continuous operation.
  • Run tested for 50,000 hours
  • Service: 120 Volt, 60 Hz or 230 Volt, 50/60 Hz

CONTROL: On/off control panel

  • Stage 1: Foam Filter: Reusable
  • Stage 2: HEPA. Filter: 2-5 years
  • Stage 3: Carbon Filter: 6-12 months

Filter Change Indicator
Airwash Whisper 350 / 675 Filter Change Indicator Amaircare is proud to introduce our new filter change sensor. This new, easy to use control will indicate when any of the filters from our 3-stage filtering process needs replacement or servicing.

Model AWW-350

DIMENSIONS: 14.5" W 27.25 H
INTAKE: 8" Duct Collar
OUTAKE: 6" Duct Collar
WEIGHT: 30 lbs.
AIR FLOW (C.F.M.): 350
POWER USAGE: 125 Watts

Model AWW-675

DIMENSIONS: 14.5" W 27.25 H
INTAKE: 10" Duct Collar
OUTAKE: 8" Duct Collar
WEIGHT: 33 lbs.
AIR FLOW (C.F.M.): 675
POWER USAGE: 225 Watts

AirWash Whisper 350 HEPA Air Filtration System for up to 900 sq. ft $1199.94 CA

AirWash Whisper 350 HEPA Air Filtration System for up to 900 sq. ft with VOC $1399.94 CA

Amaircare Airwash Whisper 350 Air Purifier Systems Accessories

HEPA Easy Twist Cartridge 16 inch White, Single (90004437) $239.94 CA

16 inch ET Standard Annual Kit - 1 foam prefilter, 2 carbon inner filters (94004061) $129.94 CA

16 inch ET Plus Annual Kit - 1 foam prefilter, VOC canister (94004181) $239.94 CA

Installation Kit for Airwash Whisper 350 (6 inch / 8 inch connections) (99004600) $79.94 CA

Motor, Models: 4000/4000V/4000HV/8500/AWW350 - 110V (99001200) $399.94 CA

NOTE: The Complete Kit has been replaced by a HEPA Easy Twist Cartridge and a Standard Annual Kit.