Amaircare Air Purifiers

Air Purification Equipment Rentals

Hepalta rents Air Purification Equipment which help lower Allergy causes and Asthma relief. Air Purification Equipment is used for allergy relief, odor elimination and air pollution control, making the air cleaner and easier to breathe.

Amaircare Systems use HEPA Air Filters and Activated Carbon Filters for effective removal of particulates and V.O.C's.

* These units are hose attaching units (Central Systems)

The 8500 & 10000 have 3 sets of Filters.

If the units are used for mold, smoke or other toxic substance including Drywall dust, the filters must be purchased as well. Costing $219.00 each set of filters.

Ozone Generating Equipment:

  1. Living Air - XL15 Ozone Generator - $180.00 Weekly Rental
  2. Ozone Generator Unit - $180.00 Weekly Rental
  3. Three days rental - $100.00

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Amaircare HEPA Air Purification and Ozone Generating Equipment Rentals.

Air Purification Equipment Rentals Hepalta Purified Air provides Asthma Allergy Sufferers and those wanting clean air, with the Amaircare HEPA Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers designed to clean the air at home or in the office. Amaircare's business and only business is "Clean Quality Air". When it comes to air purification, filtration and air cleaning, we know best. We have responded to today's market demands for clean air with a full line of home air cleaning, commercial HEPA air purifying, office air purifying equipment and automotive personal air purifiers. We also continuously monitor what the market will demand tomorrow so when tomorrow comes, we will be ready with new air cleaning equipment like the Roomaid HEPA room air cleaner childrens' bedrooms and nurseries.

Indoor air quality is heating up. With increasing public awareness of the health risks from air pollution, the indoor air quality market is experiencing rapid expansion, similar to what occurred in the water filtration market. As a vertically integrated company supporting design, manufacturing and marketing, Amaircare is poised to take the indoor air quality market and change it.