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In Geneva, I had a neighbor who suffered as I did from tension and anxiety during the Foehn in addition to migraine headaches, an affliction I was spared. After several years of pill taking, she found her own solution to the most acute attacks. In the center of Geneva the lake narrows and flows over a small waterfall to become the River Rhone. At that point there is a bridge for pedestrians to cross the river. Each day during the Foehn she would at some point go and spend between thirty minutes and an hour leaning over the railings, apparently just an idle passerby who had become absorbed by the dancing waterfall and the swirl and eddy of the water. In fact, she explained "I go there just to breathe. It makes me feel better for hours."

Dr. Fox of Dorchester, England, a general practitioner and the superintendent of a childrens hospital was a victim of what he describes as "a particularly vicious form of migraine."  By 1971 his attacks, between thirty and forty of them a year had grown so severe that from the onset of a migraine headache he would suspend medical practice and "make sure I had someone with me at all times because, frankly, the pain was so severe that I felt I was not responsible for my actions and might well jump out the window or run for the nearest shotgun."  After reading medical journal reports of Felix Sulmans work in Jerusalem, he bought a negative ion generator and was so impressed with the way it eased his problem that he promptly acquired two more, one for his office and one battery operated model to use in his car, and when on vacation. In the three years since, he says he has had only one migraine attack, and that was instantly eased by retiring to a room where the ionizer was turned on.... "In any event, when I found this machine worked for me I began trying it out on migraine patients. During the three years since I first heard of Sulman's work I've concentrated where possible on treating migraine victims, and I'm fairly sure now that I can diagnose the commonest migraine of all, Acute Migrannus Neuralgia, or Horton's Migraine. It's the form of migraine that turns up in men as often as it does in women; women you know, make up 70% of migraine cases. Well, once I was fairly sure I could diagnose Horton's Migraine I started suggesting patients with it get themselves an ionizer. I treated fifteen or sixteen patients and scored thirteen direct hits, though there was one case where I was sure the ionizer would work and it had no effect at all."

In 1966 at a hospital in Jerusalem, doctors performed a series of tests on 38 infants between 2 and 12 months old. All suffered to about the same degree from respiratory problems. They were divided into two groups of 19, one kept as a control group in a ward without any ion change and the other where a negative ion generator was in use.

The researchers reported that negative ions without any other treatment, that is, no drugs, seemed to cure attacks of asthma and bronchitis more quickly than drugs, antibiotics included. They also observed that there were none of the "adverse side effects" frequently found when treating such children with drugs. They concluded that the children treated with negative ions were less prone to "rebound attacks" (relapses). As to objectivity, the scientific report said that the tests "demonstrated that atmospheric ions have an effect on infants, especially those suffering from asthmatic bronchitis."  Less scientifically, they found that the babies didn't cry as often and as loudly when they were breathing negative ions as they did in normal air. And there is nothing subjective about a bawling baby.

Dr. Lapitsky tried raising small animals in air depleted of oxygen. As they were about to die of suffocation he added negative ions and found that "animals already near death from asphyxiation began to feel better, sat up, sniffed the air, and began to run around the chamber. Their respiration frequency increased. Switching off the ionizer again brought them to the verge of asphyxiation."  Lapitsky decided the traditional belief that oxygen alone was the sole prerequisite for the creation and sustenance of life had been demonstrated to be false. Simply put, without ions we couldn't absorb oxygen in the quantities needed to live. And the fewer ions there are, the lower the efficiency of our minds and bodies.

In some Swiss hospitals negative ion generators are also installed in delivery rooms and post delivery recovery rooms. Doctors there believe that at the time of delivery most of the mothers body is drained of its healthy bioelectric potential, all the energy being focused on the area of the womb. Again, thrombosis is one of the most common threats to the life of a woman giving birth and in the hours immediately afterward. Negative ion generators are used because in tests they appear to lower the number of deaths during childbirth, and also appear to help the exhausted woman regain her strength, energy, and mental well being afterward.

Once I tracked down and questioned a building supply sales manager who lived near Lugano and whose firm had six months earlier equipped all its offices with table top negative ion generators. I simply wanted to ask what effects, if any, he had noticed since the equipment had been installed. He was a quiet and thoughtful man, by no means the hearty, extroverted salesman type, and I was therefore the more astonished when he instantly replied:  "Well, the biggest effect has been on my sex life, my wife loves it."  He went on to explain that after the ionizer had been installed he felt more alert and energetic at work and, since he spent part of each week driving to see clients, he had then installed a smaller ionizer in his car. Soon afterward he installed one at home in his bedroom. "I'm not saying it does anything for me physically, but it certainly gives me more energy. I used to go home quiet played out, too tired to do anything much but eat and sit and stare at television. But now I seem to have lots of energy left. We go our more, and my wife enjoys that, and I'm not so tired when we go to bed and....well, as I said it has done a lot for my sex life and that mean it helps my marriage as well."

Despite the skepticism and debate over the value of ions as a medical treatment, there is one ion effect that has, in parts of Europe at least, quietly crept into public acceptance; the ionizer as an air cleaner. Dust and pollution particles attract negative ions and to a lesser extent positive ions as well, which then transfer their charge to the particles. These charged particles form clusters and are too heavy to remain suspended in the air and fall to the ground as dust. Using ionizers to clean the air in this way is in a sense, a crude adaptation of Dr. Krueger's first discovery in the field of ion science, that is, that negative ions have a biological effect on bacteria and in killing these germs, clean the air.

Excerpts from "The Ion Effect" by Fred Soyka