Amaircare 16 in ET Standard Annual Kit


for Larger Purifiers and Air Scrubbers

3 Pre Filters and 2 Inner carbon filters

Amaircare 16 in Easy Twist standard annual filter kit for Models: AWW350, AWW675, 7500, 10,000, 6000V Cart, 7500 Cart, IS5000, IS5000 Cart, 4000 VOC Chem Item. Filter Replacements coordinating with 16″ Easy Twist HEPA.



  • 1- Stage One Filter: 1/8” Foam Prefilter
  • 2 – Stage Three Filter:  ½” non-woven polyester filter media imbued 200% with Activated Carbon (164 g = 180,400 m2 adsorption surface area)
  • 1 x replacement Oring/gasket

Replace yearly.

Item Number:   93-A-16ST-ET (Formerly 94014061)

Note:  7500 and larger units requires 2 or more sets of the annual kits and HEPAs

Please Note ET, Easy Twist is for the following:

  • Models made after Nov 2015
  • Models that have a cap over the HEPA when looking into the filters from the top are Easy Twist
  • Units that use Molded filters instead of Easy Twist are older 10000s, 8500s, older 3000s, and older 4000s.
  • If in doubt, please contact us.
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Molded cartridges fits old models, In Molded cartridge HEPA filter is open from both sides and sits in unit freely. While Easy twist HEPA cartridge is closed from one side and you have to twist it in unit to lock the filter. Molded cartridges will soon be discontinued.