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Amaircare Activated Carbon Ratings

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Filter Life: Pre-filter  8-12 months
HEPA Filter – 2 to 4 years
VOC Canister – 18 -30 months

Filter Configuration: Dual Cylindrical Perfect Seal 3-Stage Cartridges (13” Diameter x 16” Height)
Stage One:  1/8” Foam Prefilter  or Carbon Pre-filters
Stage Two: 100 sq. ft. Pleated Easy Twist HEPA Cartridge
Stage Three: Granulated Carbon pellets incased in steel mesh canister

Amaircare 7500 air purifier has two of HEPA filters which ensures cleanest air

Airflow: 1000 CFM
Power Consumption: 420 W
Dimensions: 27”W x 40”L x 38”H
Weight: 118 lbs.
dBA Rating @ 3’: 74 dBA on high
Control: Variable Speed Switch
Construction: 18 gauge steel housing, durable baked thermoset powder finish
Intake: 14” Dia with option to use on 2 furnaces
Outflow: 2 or 4 8″ D (knockouts on both left and right sides)
Motor: Backward curved impellers x 2
Voltage: 115 volt*
Cord/Plug: 12 foot detachable IEC cord with North American Type K Plug (3 pin grounded)

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Hepalta distributes the Amaircare 7500 Central HEPA & VOC Airwash Air Purifier System. Air purifiers are used for air pollution control, allergy relief and odor elimination, making the air healthier to breathe.

Helps is following diseases – Anemia – Asthma – Cancer – Cardiovascular Stress –  Dizziness – Emphysema – Eye Irritation – Nose Irritation – Throat Irritation – Fatigue – Headaches – Impaired Vision –  Influenza – Liver Damage – Kidney Damage – Loss of Bone Calcium – Nose Bleed – Pneumonia – Respiratory Problems – Sinus Congestion – Pollen Allergies – All other airborne allergies.

See the List of over 250 Chemicals and odours that our machines can remove from your Indoors , see activated carbon rating

The U.S. EPA estimates that 50% of all sickness is caused by airborne matter such as viruses, bacteria, toxins and pollen. EPA also says that indoor air quality is up to 500% worse than the air you breathe outdoors. Don’t gamble with your health and well being! With double the HEPA material of the Amaircare machines give your family the protection they need. These powerful, central Duct attachable units are best as they won’t bug you with noise. Special purpose Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) cartridges are recommended for commercial use and for people with sensitive respiratory problems.

7500 HEPA Air Filtration CENTRAL System

(biHEPA), variable speed control for up to 5,000 sq. ft. with VOC

Common Installations

  • Basement Installation
  • Attic Installation
  • Closet/Attic Installation

Amaircare HEPA filters are commonly installed using a by-pass method. Amaircare HEPA’s can also be installed with ERV & HRV. If you do not see your application here, please call us toll free at 1-866-268-7485

Three-Stage Filtration

Stage 1: Washable Foam pre-filter. Removes large particulates.

Stage 2: 2 of the best HEPA filter. 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns. Removes dust, pollen, bacteria, animal dander, attached viruses, cigarette smoke, radon daughters and more.

Stage 3: Activated Carbon V.O.C. canister that Removes hazardous chemicals that may offgas from cleaners, paints, solvents, carpets, furniture and other items containing synthetic materials.

Easy-to-Change Filters
Easily removable for quick filter changes. Ask about filter options.

Metal Cabinets
Provide greater protection of filters and internal components and do not emit toxins.

Highly-Efficient Motor/Fan
Low electrical consumption.

  • May qualify for tax deductions
  • 5 year limited warranty


How our Best Air Purifier System works
Amaircare central systems operate on a by-pass system. A portion of the building return air is routed through the air filtration system before it reaches the furnace or air handling system. This rerouted air is cleaned and fed back into the home s air supply via the furnace. By continuously cleaning the air significant reduction in pollution results.

*available in most voltages with standard plugs for world wide application

Filters & Accessories

HEPA Easy Twist Cartridge 16 inch Double for bi-HEPA (2 HEPA)

16 inch ET Double Plus Annual Kit – 6 pre-filters,  2 VOC canisters

Motor, Models: 5000V/6000V/7500/10000/AWW675 – 110V

Central unit Installation, Hose/ Tubing/Connectors $299.94


Amaircare 7500, Amaircare 7500 Central HEPA & VOC

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