Furnace Air Intake Pre Filter by Ultimate Vent

Furnace Air Filter The furnace air intake pre filter setup for residential furnaces is simple to install. Comes with washable Class 2 UL filter with Regional and National Building Code compliance. The furnace air filter keeps the air in your house clean!

Discover the benefits of the furnace air intake pre-filter.

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  • Stops dangerous mosquitoes, pesky ants, disease carrying mice, moths, flies and spiders from crawling and living in your furnace air ducts.
  • Stops dust mites, allergens, bacteria in the air and pollutants.
  • Save time and money on cleaning dryer lint and dusting.

Furnace Air Intake Pre Filter (ULTIVENT) $59.99 CA
Note: Installation cost in local area $29.99 CA. Ground Shipping $9.50 CA.

Stop leaving the door open to uninvited pests who enter your home through the furnace duct. In recent years increasing attention and concerns have been drawn to the alarming increase of indoor air pollution in our homes, one of which is the confinement of pollution in our furnace and duct systems.

Pollutants such as pollen, dust, mites, flies, spiders, moths, ants etc. are brought in through the outside air intake to your furnace, whether your furnace is running or not.

* Note: Installation cost in local area $29.99 CA. Ground Shipping $9.50 CA.

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The furnace air filter helps you save on the high cost of furnace and duct cleaning, since upwards of 90 % of outside fresh air and pollutants enter your home through the fresh air intake while your furnace is running (80cfm to 125 cfm).

Installation Instructions

The furnace air filter fits 6'', 5'', 4'' fresh air intake duct, or can be flush mounted to the wall by removing the cap.

Step A: Preparation for vinyl siding

Trim Kit is pre-cut to length. Cut trim as shown below.

  • Top
    • Bend tab down (Refer to drawing)
    • Move right tab up on top trim for installation
  • Bottom
    • Do not leave any tabs
  • Right & Left Side
    • Do not leave tabs on top corners (Refer to drawing)

Step B: Assembly

  • To assemble, place bottom trim (no 4) in first.
  • Then place inter-locking sides (no 2 & 3) into the bottom (no 4).
  • Place trim (no 1) in the inter-locking top left corner.
  • Raise the right side to the top and bring the tab down to lock into place.

Furnace Air Intake Pre Filter

Step C: Installation

  • Cut on dotted lines to arrows.
  • Outline the existing trim with a pencil as a guide of where to cut.
  • Remove trim then remove metal caps.
  • Place 1st vent on 6" hole.
  • Place 2nd beside it for fitting.
  • If more space is required, remove it from the 2nd vent side.

  • Ultimate Vent 2

  • Add new trim and vacuum fresh air intakes.
  • Caulk around inside of new trim and back of vent, then screw into place.

    Ultimate Vent 3

To Install on Stucco

  • Cut cap off where stucco meets cap.
  • Remove screen & vacuum pipe. Then flatten stucco where new vent mounts.
  • Pre-drill holes through vent & stucco.
  • Put caulking on back of vent then screw on to the wall & put a bead of caulking around the outside.
Ultimate Vent 4

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